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Hong Kong LLC

HK$2294 HKD

Incorporation time: 1-12 days

Nominee Director Included Secretary Included  No Tax  Nominee Director Included Nominee Shareholder Included 

Incorporate Hong Kong Company

The process of occupying a business niche in Hong Kong or anywhere for that matter, can be a truly complicated and tedious affair. It is complicated because there are so many loose ends to tie in and stabilize. To miss even one of the essential components for starting up a company may result in complete disaster to a business venture that would otherwise bring in profits for company owners. It is of utmost importance that meticulous care is exercised when registering a company.

Jumpstart’s 12 years of experience in forming over 7000 companies is one of many reasons why you should form your limited company with us.

WHY incorporate in Hong Kong

  • No Sales Tax
  • Low Profit Tax
  • Free Flowing on Money
  • Minimum share capital of HKD1

WHO can incorporate in Hong Kong

  • Anybody in the World
  • Any Company in the World
  • Only One person is needed
  • Mixture of Persons and Companies

WHAT else we do to support you

  • Company Secretary
  • Annual Audit Arrangement
  • Accounting
  • Tax Filing

Let the professionals help you

At Jumpstart we believe that to be successful at starting up a company in Hong Kong evolves from good business sense and a thorough knowledge of the business environment. This is so because the processes involved are complicated and take time to complete. Jumpstart can get you started faster by giving sound advice and actually help you get through the tedious part of the process. In the end, we know you’ll be grateful we invited you in to offer our help.

The nitty gritty of it all

The basics are usually the most tedious and to avoid them you should opt for our already complete serviced or virtual offices to avoid the inevitable quagmire of paper work. Play the safe and quick way by permitting us to help you register your company. You will not have to go through the rigmarole of filling in registration forms because all our serviced and virtual offices have all been registered. We may perhaps need to know just a few details like shareholders and directors and a single Hong Kong address. We can even act as your legal secretary and present the necessary certificates to authenticate our presence and you’re as good as done!

The benefits are colossal

Registering a company in Hong Kong can be immensely rewarding if you can start operating quickly, as you will, if you seek our assistance in registering your company. The legal system of Hong Kong is world class; it is recognized worldwide as a financial hub that enjoys global access to finances; there is a minimum of financial control that generates fluidity in the flow of funds; business operations are is given a free reign and so many, many more advantages of starting up a business in Hong Kong.

The freest economy

Jumpstart has made a wise decision in establishing a presence in a niche that has been lavished with praise for 20 years by the Heritage Foundation. It is an investor’s oasis where, like water, money exists and ripples through the economy with astonishing ease and impact. The business life of Hong Kong permeates through the entire country non-stop and is the main reason why the island pulsates with life and magnetic attraction.




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