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China LLC

¥20000 CNY

Incorporation time: 1-90 days

Nominee Director Included Nominee Shareholder Included Secretary Included Nominee Director Included Nominee Shareholder Included Secretary Included 

Incorporate China Company

China is one of the biggest economy of the world, it is the most logical place to expand to. While China is open to foreign investments, there are certain restrictions and rules applicable to foreign companies. Procedures are often complex and the time it takes to incorporate varies and long. Changes to rules and laws happen frequently and immediately without prior notice. But don’t worry, Jumpstart is here to take care of that so you don’t have to. We will go right to the key areas that matters to you and answer any questions and address any concerns you might have.

WHY incorporate in China

  • Capture the large market
  • Utilize lower labour costs
  • Enhance Corporate image
  • Because you can

WHO can incorporate in China

  • Technically any company
  • Requirements may differ with industries
  • Hong Kong Companies have incentives
  • Anybody can incorporate Hong Kong Company

WHO can incorporate in China

  • Capture the large market
  • Utilize lower labour costs
  • Enhance Corporate image
  • Because you can

China Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE)

If you are planning to enter China with real operations and transactions, you will need to incorporate a wholly foreign owned enterprise (WFOE, or sometimes misspelled as WOFE). Instead of spitting out the complex and sometimes ambigious Company Laws and regulations to you, Jumpstart designs a process that is simple and straight forward. During the registration process, you will be informed of which process we are on and it’s status, so you are always up to date.

  • Step 1

Have a nice informational chat with us and we will give you some advice. Then, you can now decide on the basics of your WFOE, particularly on the name of your WFOE, the city where you want to register, share capital, directors, shareholders, legal representative, Supervisor and so on. You are also required to sign an office lease agreement of at least 1 year before submitting your WFOE application. Jumpstart offers several serviced office from 1 person and up to fulfil this requirement.

  • Step 2

With all the information, it’s our turn to put on the throttle. We will get your name approved and obtain permission for you to invest in China. Once we have those two, we will then apply for your business licence and register with various government departments for your business. This is the longest step which will take 3 months or more.

  • Step 3

Reaching this step means it is a matter of formalities ahead. At this stage, you can open bank accounts and inject your share capital. We will, of course, assist you in opening bank accounts as it has a lot more documents to sign than opening bank accounts in other countries. Injecting money into China must also be dealt with carefully as there are foreign exchange control in China.

China WFOE

  • Compose feasibility Report
  • Obtain Investment Permit
  • Business Licence
  • Enterprise code and card
  • Official seal
  • Foreign Exchange Certificate
  • State and Local Tax Registration Certificate
  • Registration with Statistics Bureau
  • Finance Registration Certificate




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