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Estudio Pacheco Garmendia, Abogados is a leading law firm with over 20 years of experience in various areas of law such as Immigration, Corporate, Labour, and others, identifying the needs of our clients according to the economic dynamics of the country, the region and worldwide, as a result of social, economic and technological changes.

We are a very well reputed international law firm based in Peru, in the field of Immigration Law, specialised in advising international and local clients, with a special emphasis on Immigration, Corporate Immigration, Labour, Employment and Tax/Labour matters and related issues, providing assistance from the start of the labour relationship, throughout its course, up to its conclusion.

We advise in: the obtainment of Working Visas for Resident, Temporary and Appointed Workers; the Naturalisation process, Business, Student, Immigrant, and Investor Visas; the calling of family proceedings; exit permits; cancellations; foreign worker employment contract approvals; as well as providing comprehensive legal advice in Peruvian Immigration and Labour Law matters. We also work on labour and immigration legislation with HR departments.

Our advice and support is continuous, combining our solid expertise with the versatility required by our clients, helping them to achieve their immigration goals effectively. Please feel free to Contact Us for further information.

Our Mission

Today, a person of talent and means need not limit his or her life and business to only one country. Making an active decision with regard to your residence and citizenship gives you more personal freedom, privacy and security. Our mission is to provide you with individual attention and professional service at every step on the path toward achieving your immigration goals in Peru and if you are interested in some another country in South America, Peru is the right path to start.


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