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InvestAsian was founded in 2014 by a multinational team of investors, economists and journalists to facilitate investment throughout Asia, and specifically, China, India and the ten member nations of ASEAN.

Asia is the largest engine of global growth today and will remain so in the foreseeable future. InvestAsian’s goal is to inform investors throughout the world on how to invest in and profit from the immense potential of this dynamic region, whether they live in or outside of it.

There are many news outlets and financial consultancies. However, what makes InvestAsian unique are our experts, analysts and translators who have diverse backgrounds, are located in multiple countries throughout Asia, and who together possess knowledge of a wide variety of languages, cultures, and experiences.

This allows our readers and clients to have access to as much information as possible, especially considering the linguistic diversity of Asia. For example, if you only speak English, you will have a difficult time assessing the Indonesian or Chinese stock markets. InvestAsian has experts on the ground who are constantly networking, analyzing businesses, and helping our readers and clients find opportunities that they would never have otherwise, whether they are stocks or unique start-ups looking for venture capital.

Our Values

Dynamism: In a constantly changing world, we seek the ability to adapt to as many situations as possible. If you are a client living in Mexico who only speaks Spanish and wants to open a brokerage account in Singapore to trade currencies and Chinese stocks, all without leaving your home: we can help.

Experience: Our advisers, writers and analysts are all professionals in their field with a long history in the financial industry. They may not all speak your language, but are local experts with the experience that comes with that. Our translators will communicate their insight and recommendations to you that the English-speaking, foreign expats employed by other consultancies don’t have.

Globalism: We realize that in a globalized world, you must look beyond your own borders to find the best opportunities. International investors not only have the highest potential for profit, but reduce country specific risk by not putting their assets at the mercy of one banking system, currency, or government.

Integrity: We treat our clients as the honored guests they are, and would never give any advice that would not be given to our own friends and family. All recommendations from InvestAsian will be backed up with statistics and alternative solutions, and we promise that our advisers will never be in a position to have a conflict of interest.

Our Services

InvestAsian News: Whether it’s the latest Chinese manufacturing data, the newest start-up companies in Southeast Asia, or recommendations on the best countries to invest in, InvestAsian gives you the latest news in the Asian business and financial community. Our expert writers are geographically diverse and have experience in many fields including venture capitalism, investment banking and fund management.

InvestAsian Premium (in testing): Our flagship, subscription-based service. InvestAsian Premium is loaded with valuable information related to offshore investing, venture capital opportunities, wealth preservation and more.

You will have access to the easiest ways of opening brokerage and bank accounts in jurisdictions such as Singapore, which is home to more millionaires per capita than any other country in the world and is overtaking Switzerland as the world’s new center of wealth management and gold storage, as well as frontier markets such as Mongolia, where you can open a savings account with 15% annual interest in a well-capitalized and stable bank.

We also offer incredible stock picks that you will not find anywhere else. Have you ever seen a stock rise 300% in a year? This is in fact, very common with small cap stocks in emerging markets where automatic trading and international investors have not yet taken over. But you must open a brokerage account in markets such as Vietnam and Thailand first, which of course, we will also help you with.

InvestAsian Consulting: We are able to provide a custom tailored service aimed at helping you with anything you could possibly need to invest in Asia’s rise. Corporate formation in Hong Kong with a virtual office, offshore brokerage and bank account? You’ve got it. Storage in Singapore for your art collection, transportation included? We can do that. Tips on preparing your business for the ASEAN Economic Community? Simple.

InvestAsian Authority (coming soon): In-depth guides on selected topics from gold storage in Hong Kong, to small-cap stock trading in Southeast Asia. We cover much of the same information as we do in InvestAsian Premium, but White Papers are available for a one-time price and offer detailed information what you want to know about the most.


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