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About Us

Precious Timber is a Central American agricultural company specializing in the managed growth of valuable hardwoods and coconuts for local and worldwide export markets. We follow strict reforestation practices that not only save and protect endangered flora and fauna, but also the wildlife and habitat they support.

Our Focus

Eyes that look are common, but eyes that see are rare. We measure success not by how impressive our marketing materials or campaigns may look, but in the tangible financial results we see for ourselves and our clients from the work we perform each and every day. By placing our focus on the end result, and not the acquisition of another client transaction, we consistently challenge ourselves to outperform. Much of the developed economies of the world are currently under tremendous financial stress at best – and horrific levels of debt and near insolvency at worst. We understand why and what our clients are searching for as they navigate the best places to grow and protect their money, and we work with them on a personalized and tailored approach to help them reach their goals. We employ extensive and exhaustive research and analysis so that whatever direction a client wishes to pursue, we can help guide them away from unforeseen and costly pitfalls.

We believe that the next twenty to forty years could easily become some of the most devastating decades to personal wealth. Our concentration and focus for wealth accumulation and protection is on the basic necessities we each must have to survive. Therefore, our agricultural and timber programs are designed to provide unique opportunities that could ultimately be the difference between capitalizing on these turbulent times, versus becoming just another victim.

Our Blueprint for Success…
“People, Planet, and Profit

Precious Timber’s core principal of People, Planet, and Profit play a vital role when looking at our success blueprint. In everything we do, our goal is to maximize owner profits while constantly working to minimize risk. We believe a healthy portfolio is a balanced and diversified portfolio – whether you’re growing hardwoods, managing institutional funds, or designing and overseeing the family financial wealth plan. Avoiding volatility and risk are never easy; and as markets change and economies move up and down, the world is changing too. Positioning money where it can grow safely, over medium to long periods of time, has been the goal of every investor. We believe timber offers a level of historical safety, combined with above average returns that make it one of the best foundational assets for any portfolio.

By focusing on a renewable alternative that inherently carries a greater degree of security, our clients are exposed to products (timber and farmland) that have consistently out-performed all major indices for several decades. The NCREIF’s Timberland Index from 1987 – 2007 shows a mid-teen return but with far less exposure to risk than traditional investment classes.

When an investor is willing to look beyond stocks, bonds, real estate, metals, etc., and adds timber to their portfolio, they participate in a space where rising demand and diminishing supply simultaneously meet. The long-term outlook for global tropical timber consumption is astonishing, and timberland owners are thereby protected by the predicted world population growth. Global forests are under increased pressure and the solution, all be it a minor one when taken into complete perspective, is the planting of new, sustainable reforestation projects in locations that can grow the commodity in reduced time periods.

What We Do...

Precious Timber is a Central American purveyor of fine tropical hardwoods. We grow hardwoods for our own corporate goals and offer personalized and tailor-made timberland ownership opportunities for institutional, corporate, and private investors.

Owning timberland as part of a diversified investment plan has historically produced higher than average rates of returns with less exposure to risk. The added environmental and social benefits produced make timber ownership a unique asset class and one in which promotes good will for future generations.

Clients of Precious Timber enjoy the the satisfaction of being able to participate in the alternative agricultural space which historically has provided access to above average returns but without the risk elements notably associated with the world’s traditional indices. The NCREIF’s Timberland Index has shown that over the past 30 to 40 years, timber returns have produced safe, mid-teen returns while during the same period stock, bond, and traditional real estate profits have been offset by multiple market crashes and severe losses.

Our client’s receive only premium grade seedlings planted in the same manner we plant for ourselves, and we employ the use of industry best standards for growing and harvesting the timber we produce. Our optional forestry care and management services are available to oversee the whole process from start to finish should a private owner so choose.

The newly planted sustainable hardwood forests we create are planted with our three core principles as the primary focus. ‘People, Planet, and Profit.’ The hardwoods being grown are planted on a for profit basis to support timber economics, but we’re also focused on achieving two other important goals. The first is creating good jobs that last, and the second is supporting sustainable local communities so that we can leave the planet in a healthier state than how we found it.

The tree species we plant and grow were selected in part due to their highly sought-after and valuable lumber source across the globe. However, the decision wasn’t only a financial one; it was important to grow trees that added environmental advantages as well. To ensure both are successfully carried out, our professional foresters live on our plantations thereby regularly monitoring each critical aspect.

Due to the tropical location and conditions of our plantations, the growing cycle is dramatically reduced. For example; local Pacific mahogany trees can grow to harvestable sizes in as little as 15 years. Each client owned, fee-simple timberland property receives GPS coordinates, a surveyed and registered plot map, and is recorded in the owner’s name or their preferred business entity.

There are many reasons our clients have embraced timber as a core wealth creator and preserver. Some own timber in favor of traditional college savings plans such as 529’s which are highly susceptible to market volatility. Others want a hedge against rising inflation concerns, or are moving away from the 70% stock and 30% bond portfolio model that has failed to deliver acceptable returns for decades. More and more people are embracing alternatives since they have become the non-


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