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About Jumpstart Business Centre

Jumpstart Business Centre is a leading business centre in Asia providing high quality serviced office, virtual office, meeting rooms and business registration services. Founded in 2003, Jumpstart Business Centre currently operates a network of ten business centres in prime locations in Hong Kong and Shanghai. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Jumpstart Business Centre continues to learn from customers and upgrade themselves to take on the challenge of the most demanding office requirements.


We don’t just copy an existing centre and apply to a new one. Instead, we crafts every new centre from ground up, putting location, design and services together to create a new centre that as if we are creating a new product.

We are also innovative. Throughout the years, we have introduced serveral concepts to the industry. For example, we created Neo Suites that breaks the traditional serviced office concept of sharing facilities by providing some facilities directly inside the office and manager rooms that takes care of companies with a deeper hierarchy. Other interesting concepts includes custom package for virtual office, vending machines, office islands etc.

Support for non-profit organizations and other social events is also our goal. We open our offices to these organizations so they can save their fund for people in need yet enjoying world-class facilities to help them work productively even with limited resources. We sponsor The Library Project in China for their work in providing books to children in rural China and Premier Performance of Hong Kong for bringing classical music to Hong Kong.

Corporate Values


Having now been in business many years, Jumpstart clearly knows what clients like and do not like. We know that you don’t want your contract with us to contain any of the fine print and hidden costs that are so common at other business centres – you know, those charges you learn about only after you receive your bill. That’s why all of Jumpstart Business Centre’s packages are all-inclusive, with no setup or exit charges, and no additional charges for basic features like Internet, phone line, coffee and tea and call handling. We strive to be as transparent and upfront as possible about the costs of any additional services that you may require.


Jumpstart takes room space seriously because a business centre is, after all, about space. Our reception and meeting rooms are designed to make you look fabulous in the eyes of your clients, and our office spaces are designed and laid out to enhance productivity. You may find our serviced offices to be larger than others. You may also find more storage cabinets. In Neo Suites, you will even find your equipment provided inside the room, exclusively for your firm’s use. We also understand that not all businesses are the same, so we are happy to customize different layouts to fit your specific needs.

These are some of the things that define Jumpstart Business Centre. Come see them for yourself!


Hong Kong LLC

Incorporate Hong Kong Company The process of occupying a business niche in Hong Kong or anywhere for that matter, can be a truly complicated and tedious affair. It is complicated because there are so many loose ends to tie in and stabilize. To miss even one of the essential components for starting u... Read more

HK$2294 HKD

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British Virgin Islands IBC

Incorporate British Virgin Islands Company BVI is a very popular jurisdiction to incorporate because of it’s directors and shareholder’s identity protection and tax exemption on offshore profits. With our fast and simple online registration, it has never been easier to incorporate a BVI company. W... Read more

$450 USD

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Seychelles IBC

Seychelles Company Formation Seychelles IBC Companies are becoming a popular jurisdiction benefiting from similarities to BVI companies like tax-free for offshore income, and high level of privacy protection. Seychelles companies is even better than BVI companies in some respects, for example, it do... Read more

$650 USD

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China LLC

Incorporate China Company China is one of the biggest economy of the world, it is the most logical place to expand to. While China is open to foreign investments, there are certain restrictions and rules applicable to foreign companies. Procedures are often complex and the time it takes to incorpora... Read more

¥20000 CNY

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Hong Kong Virtual Office

Jumpstart Business Centre is the market leader of virtual office services in Hong Kong. Our success is built on professional customer service program and a sound IT infrastructure. You can expect our services the same as you receive from banks where you can rely completely on us to handle your calls... Read more


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China Virtual Office

Virtual Office in Shanghai Jumpstart Business Centre offers 3 great locations for virtual office in Shanghai. Wheelock Square in JingAn is the newest and tallest building in Puxi Shanghai. Central Plaza in LuWan near Xintiandi is on the prime section of Huai Hai Middle Road. Our newest location at L... Read more

¥280 CNY

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Have used for virtual office services, recommended


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